The founding of the association COINCO e.V. took place in Berlin on July 3rd 2014, however the formal registration was not in place in Amtsgericht Charlottenburg before March 12th 2015. 2015 was thus the first operational bussines year. On November 25 th 2015 the first annual assembly was held in the venue of IHKs headquarter in Berlin. Most of the activity in first half of 2015 was aimed towards getting financing for the COINCO South activities, however there were not enough interest at this point for the research program COINCO Challenge II.

Second half of the 2015 was mostly dedicated to the COINCO North issues and getting together stakeholders who are interested in putting pressure on the Norwegian and Swedish government to more ambitious for the upgrading of the Missing Link between Oslo and Gothenburg (see article above). The annual report for 2015 is available here. (Annual report for 2015).