On July 3 th 2014 the association COINCO e.V. was founded.  The founding meeting took place in IHK Berlin. Knut Olav Halvorsen was elected chairman and Christian Wiesenhütter vice chairman of the board. At the same time the COINCO GmbH has been closed down. All the activities, material and immaterial rights etc have been transferred from the GmbH to the association.

Representatives from both Swedish, German, French and Norwegian stakeholders –  from both industry and academia – have joined. The background for the change of organization from COINCO GmbH to COINCO e.V. was the need for a broader base for the next steps, where an association is a more suitable platform. The aim of the association is to  stimulate research in to different question related to the development of large infrastructure projects between Germany and Scandinavia.

Up until now the COINCO Challenge has been mostly student work. The results have been so interesting that academic institutions like TU Berlin, TH Wildau, HTW Berlin and FH Stralsund now want to mobilize their experienced researchers to look into different questions. Other academic institutions and industry representatives will also be invited in. The first step for the COINCO e.V. is to raise funding for the research program COINCO South tunnel viability study, conducted by TU Berlin.