530066_35546984In September the Red/Green alliance (Ap/SV/Sp), lead by Mr Jens Stoltenberg lost the elections after eight years in power. A new Blue/Blue alliance (H/FrP) lead by Ms Erna Solberg will take over on October 18th.  One of the last initiatives from Mr Jens Stoltenberg’s government was to present the new National Transportation Plan (NTP) and pass it through Parliament on June 18th.

In the NTP – covering the period of 2014 – 2023, an investment plan of 65 billion Euro for a new InterCity system around the Oslo Fjord was decided. The IC system will be build with HSR standard. The investments in the South Eastern part of the system will be a continuation of the already decided Follotunnel – Ski (Follobanen) starting up next year and built further south into the county of Østfold, and reach the border city of Halden by 2030.

599987_72438734The new Ms Erna Solberg government has announced that her government will spend even more money on the NTP than what was suggested by Mr Stoltenberg’s government. The new government has indicated that Halden should be reached by 2025. The popular sentiment is that the new government should also start as soon as possible the concrete planning of modernizing the 100 km single track, the so called Missing Link, between Halden and the small Swedish border town Øksnered. From Øksnered one is then connected to the newly modernised double track West Sweden rail system.

When a Norwegian – Swedish government decision on starting a cooperating of the detail planning of the Missing Link is in place,  the main aims of the COINCO North is achieved.