The annual Railforum (Jernbaneforum) was held on March 8 th in Oslo and as always it gathers most stakeholders playing a role in the Norwegian and Scandinavian market for rail transportation. The Norwegian minister of transportation Ketil Solvik-Olsen opened the conference this year as in the last years and pointed out the importance of the new National Transportation Plan (NTP) 2018 – 2029 and the significant increase in resources for infrastructure improvements in Norway the next years, including the development of a national freight strategy. An important part of the program was the presentation by the Chinese ambassador to Norway of the New Silk Road project. One of the main questions hanging in the room after this presentation was how will the Nordic countries use this historic opportunity in the development of their own infrastructure and their Asia trade strategies? ┬áRepresentatives from the Norwegian fish exporting industry followed up in the presentation thereafter and pointed out that fish export in few years will be more important than oil and gas. They are constantly looking for more environmental smarter ways to export the fish to the markets. At the moment the lack of consistent infrastructure between Norway and Sweden and the European continent was a challenge. It ment that the exporters to day have to reorganize the transport of salmon, from trains – mostly going through Sweden – and onto trucks from the Oslo and then send them by road south to the continent. This is not a very efficient way of doing this, and it creates a lot of unnecessary road traffic around Oslo. After these two presentations there was a joint presentation by COINCO e.V. by Knut Halvorsen (also DB E&C) and Thomas Kokel from DB E&C who presented the Baltic Sea Tube Bridge (see article from June 2017) as a solution to the challenge of both connecting the Scandinavian freight infrastructure to the New Silk Road (with a driverless freight train solution) and also provide a more sustainable mode of transportation of salmon in the future. The ideas was received well. ┬áMany contacts were made and will be followed up.